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August 14 2014


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Council Revisits Chlorination, Asks For Meeting With DNR

Douglas County Fair Will Host Two Big Events On Saturday

New Staff Members For A New School Year

Ava R-1 Holds Special Meeting

New “Welcome to Ava” Sign Is In Place

Willow Springs Man Sentenced For Timber Theft


Fern (Stillings) Dorman, 87

Laddie F. Vyskocil, 86

Patricia “Pat” Padget Clubb, 84

Dora Ione Smith, 96

Ariee Eugene Fry, 76

Claudia Ruth Johnson Jordan, 96

Dale Leon Ross, 73

Joel Lee Lane, 63

Jerry L. Silvey, 68

Faye Marlene Hawkins, 78

Linda Carol Collins, 69

Carl J. Peak, 70