What About This?

What About This . . .? 8.3.2017

You have got to dig the good times. Quite a while ago I was walking down to get the mail. Like any good homeowner (and...

What About This..? 7.27.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano Nobody takes photographs anymore. Yes, I understand there are cell phones that can take pictures, and just about everyone has one...

What About This . . .? 7.13.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano I learned a long time ago that satire just does not work in this column.  And, notwithstanding that lesson, it remains...

What About This…? 7.6.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano Another instance of attempted murder has occurred against some of our elected officials.  When Repre-sentative Gabby Giffords was shot our nation...

What About This . . .? 6.29.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano All this noise about the Russian interference in our last Presidential election has gotten my attention to the point that rather...

What About This…? 6.22.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano Ah, Progress! Thankfully gone are the days when if you needed to speak with someone quickly, more quickly than a letter in...

What About This . . .? 6.15.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano Humidity. Everyone complains about it and in truth it makes just about any temperature more difficult to tolerate. If you were outside...

What About This . . .? 6.8.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano About this “Wall” that we’ve heard is going to be built across our southern border:  I’m not going to talk about...

What About This . . .? 6.1.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson, (O.G., V.C., B.M.F.) are camping.  They sit around the fire remembering some of...

What About This . . .? 5.25.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano Make a list of those things that terrify us, that we see on the news every night –– fires, floods, SARS,...
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Douglas County Veterans Are Busy Counting Days Till The Wall Arrives

By Larry Morrison  It seems that sometimes in life one is just busier than other times.  This is one of those times for the Douglas...

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