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The Snoop 1.3.2013

The Snoop will be brief this week as we mourn the loss of longtime Herald publisher James E. Curry who passed away Tuesday, Jan....

The Snoop 11.1.2012

Tom Boak, of Ava, brought us a copy of the Mineral County Independent-News (Hawthorne, Nev.) a couple of weeks ago with an article that...

The Snoop 10.11.2012

The week of Oct. 7-13 has been designated National Fire Prevention Week, a time when we focus attention on promoting fire safety and prevention....

The Snoop 10.4.2012

I don't mean to be sounding poetic, or anything like that. I'll leave that to Baxter Black and Angelou. But now that October has...

The Snoop 9.13.2012

I suppose if you make it a practice to stand out in the middle of the highway you should expect unusual reactions from those...

The Snoop 8.23.2012

MoDOT sends out a weekly summary on the progress of the Route 60/65 project in south Springfield, and as I was looking at that...

The Snoop 8.16.2012

Congratulations to the Ava Lions Club on their 75th anniversary. For as long as I can remember, there has been an Ava Lions Club, and...

The Snoop 8.9.2012

I would be the first to admit that I'm a far cry from the status of Dan Cathy, chief operating officer of Chick-Fil-A, so...

The Snoop 7.26.2012

Three farmers – a Texan, A Kansan, and a Missourian – all died on the same day. All three men were cremated. The Kansan...

The Snoop 7.12.2012

I learned some of the greatest lessons in life from my parents, Sunday school and the Andy Griffith Show. I am fortunate to be able to...
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