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Weekly editorial written by Herald staff

The Snoop

Last week the staff of the Douglas County Herald placed a filing cabinet outside adjacent to the lobby entry.  The cabinet is a safety...

The Snoop

We are all tested throughout life.   Perhaps a test occurred when a parent died or a medical doctor announced a diagnosis of cancer.   Maybe...

Awareness Awareness

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com Awareness. Defined as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact” or “concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or...

The Snoop

The Douglas County Herald is frequently the recipient of anonymous letters.  These letters may express a grievance against a public official, an annoying neighbor...

The Snoop – Landline Nostalgia

Remember our landline phone fiasco? The landline that took four phone calls, nine people, and Facebook to get installed here in Ava? We canceled it. After three...

The Snoop: What Price Convenience?

“They’re just so convenient.” I heard that recently on the radio. The DJ was talking about Amazon “Smart Plugs”.  If you haven’t been paying attention to...

The Snoop: Types of Newspaper Articles

“Your opinion piece was biased.” “You should print only fact-based news, not opinion.” It used to be that newspapers were the only way people consumed news,...

The Snoop

For those who have lived life in the big city, I dare say is it relatively easy for you to formulate an honest opinion...

The Snoop – Two Things

After a recent school-busing related editorial, I received an email that said (among other things), “I have a Master’s degree in Education with 26+...

The Snoop – Right to Repair

We’re Michiganders turned Missourians. Missouri has hills. Michigan is relatively flat. Missouri has more sunny days. Michigan has more lakes. Missouri gets more rain. Michigan gets more snow. Lots of differences,...
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