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The Snoop

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com Bias. Complaints about bias in newspapers are as old as newspapers themselves.  Newspapers haven’t always aimed for objectivity.  Newspapers were created to promote the...

The Snoop

Over the past few weeks, Mike Boyink and I have found it difficult to find fun, uplifting, inspirational or appropriate topics for The Snoop....

Why We Asked About Busing

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com After our School Board Candidate Q&A ran last week, some readers wanted to know why we asked the questions we did. Let...

Snoop: On Interviewing Politicians

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com On Tuesday, June 2nd, Ava and Douglas County will have the Municipal Election that the COVID-19 pandemic delayed back in April. While...

This Video Will Reveal Everything About the Coronavirus!

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com So claimed an email I recently received. As you might expect, as a newspaper editor I read a lot of news. I’m...

The Snoop

by Sue Curry Jones If per chance you read a national newspaper quite often, you are well-versed in mainstream media headlines and how they paint...

Editorial: It’s OK to Just Disagree

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com Freedom of speech.  Freedom of the press. Things we strongly believe in here at the Herald. Still. Two weeks ago, we published a Letter to...

The Snoop

By: Sue Curry Jones People are an enigma. Watching people is  entertaining.   If you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel by plane, you’ve experienced sitting in...

The Snoop

As the coronavirus threatens Americans, daily news reports continue to reference the pandemic as an invisible, dark shadow casting a net across the US. ...

The Snoop

by Sue Curry Jones Ringing church bells.  Sounding the alarm.  Ringing bells as an alarm to alert residents of special events dates back to AD 400 when...
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Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

June 22 – Ruby Corder and Kay Johnson are still making dresses for the “Dress a Girl Around the World” Project. Together they have...

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