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The Snoop 6.28.2018

Many of you may have read or heard about the recent death of Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and noted political journalist.  According to...

The Snoop 5.17.2018

Tree houses are for kids, or so it has seemed over the years.  But recently, maybe within the last ten years, there has been...

THE SNOOP September 14, 2017

with KEITH MOORE A Personal Account of Hurricane Irma While watching the news reports over the weekend and the threat Irma made on Florida, we thought about...


Agriculture Pulls Together for Missouri’s Hungry Children One in five Missouri children live in homes where food is scarce. According to Feeding Missouri, that number...

The Snoop

I, like thousands – perhaps millions – watched as the moon covered the sun Monday, creating the first total solar eclipse to impact most...

The Snoop

During a baseball game a few weeks back some nut ran onto the field and caused a delay in the game. The network did...

The Snoop

The Douglas County Herald, Ava and Douglas County lost a true friend last weekend with the death of Garnett Kelly. While his death was...

The Snoop 8.3.2017

1967 and “The Summer of Love:” A Half-Century Later by Dr. Mark Hendrickson (Used by permission) For the baby-boomer generation (or at least the...

The Snoop 7.27.2017

During the past week we have heard complaints about the content of a magazine, Teen Vogue, published, supposedly, for young girls but containing content...

The Snoop 7.20.2017

"Jim the Wonder Dog" I've heard stories about "Jim, the Wonder Dog" for many years. In fact, the Herald just recently ran a series of...
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