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I learned about Elie Wiesel more than 25 years ago when he was still living.  I read one of his books.  Elie Wiesel was a...

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“By the people, for the people.” That little snippet of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address has been running through my head this week. He used it to talk...

Two Years Without a Cell Phone

It’s been two years since I’ve carried a cell phone. I don’t say that to brag. Or gloat.  I stopped carrying a smartphone because I had...

The Snoop

Sunday night’s rain came to Ava and Douglas County with a strong force of high winds, recking havoc on locations in the area, including...

Four Phone Calls, Nine People, and Facebook Required to Get New Phone Installed in...

by Michael Boyink /mike@douglascountyherald.com My task? Get a landline phone installed. Existing house. In town. Phone jacks already on the wall. Easy peasy, right? Not so much. My first hurdle...

The Snoop

As we celebrate National Newspaper Week, the Douglas County Herald is using this issue to raise readership awareness about the importance of newspapers and...

The Snoop

Did you know there are still areas in the United States where residents  only have access to print media, newspapers?  According to Pew Research, 24%...

The Snoop: Apples and Elbows; Ava School Board Incorrectly Comparing Employee and Contractor Pay...

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com I used to drive my tax guy nuts.  I had a business, in which I worked as a 1099-based contractor to other...

The Snoop

It was approximately 35 years ago I had the opportunity to visit the World Trade Center in New York City.  An experience I will...

Soundmen and Street Signs

by Michael Boyink / mike@douglascountyherald.com I used to run sound for a large church. On any given Sunday we’d have two or three guitar players, piano,...
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Watch For Changing Traffic Patterns This Thanksgiving Holiday! 

Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, reminds everyone to expect an increase in traffic over the Thanksgiving holiday. More...

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