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Ava Class of 1984 Holds 30-Year Reunion

The Ava High School class of 1984 celebrated their 30th class reunion on Saturday, June 14.  The celebration began Friday evening with some classmates meeting in Springfield for dinner.  The reunion was held at Ava High School, with a night ...

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Our Truly Super Market

Proudly standing on the southeast side of NW 12th Avenue is the recently remodeled Town & Country Supermarket. The beautiful new wood-peaked entryway is like a crown on this gem of a store in the heart of Ava. A well-deserved ...

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Milking Success

 A stone’s throw west of Ava, nestled among quickly greening hills, sits the Buff’s dairy farm. It’s a lovely three hundred acre spread dotted with barns and outbuildings, a spacious home, and over one hundred registered milk cows. Throughout the ...

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A Glimpse into The Ava Sales Barn

It takes a lot good people to make an agricultural area successful. Among them, farmers, haulers, feed and fertilizer folks, feed lot workers, and sale barn operators. In Ava, the Douglas County Livestock Auction, better known as the “Ava Sale ...

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Reflections – Honoring Oren Alcorn

This coming Sunday, Pastor Oren Alcorn and his congregants will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of his leadership of Ava General Baptist Church, one of the oldest and largest churches in the county.  It takes a special person to lead a ...

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The Amazing Esther Wrinkles

When our hills and hollers are brown and bare and winter grasp is cold and hard, Ozarkers yearn for hints of coming spring. One of the surest signs in Douglas County, as reliable as the swelling of buds and the ...

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