Letter To The Editor

Letter to the Editor – Chadwick

The 1942 Ava Produce reprint (Douglas County Herald 4/6/17), FOOD FOR FREEDOM, stirred my heart.  Contrast the spirit of those simpler times to now,...

Letter to the Editor – Democratic Obstructionism

Dear Editor: I generally enjoy reading What About This by Wayne William Cipriano, but this past week his comparison of the Democrat’s objecting to virtually...

Letter to the Editor – Public Waterways

Every year the Ozarks receives many visitors to the area to enjoy our parks, waterways, businesses and festivals. Many visitors and locals have a...

Letter to the Editor – Electric Meters Follow-Up

Dear Editor: As a follow-up to the letter I sent last week, I ought to have also pointed out that in researching the advanced metering...

Letter to the Editor – Electric Meters

Dear Editor: New electric meters The new electronic meters are here, but are they a blessing or a curse? After a hard look at the design...

Letter to the Editor 12.23.2016

I am appalled at the suggestion by a loud minority that the Electoral College be abolished. I did not vote for Donald Trump in the...

Letter to the Editor 12.22.2016

Dear Editor: I work as a cashier at Walmart in Ava. Last Thursday (Dec. 13) shortly after arriving at work, I heard some beautiful voices...

Letter to the Editor – Black Friday

Dear Editor: Thanksgiving is upon us, the day when everyone stuffs their belly and spends their money on blowout deals. We have experienced the paragon...

Letter to the Editor – Politics

To the Editor: What is politics?  According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is: (1a) the art or science of government; (b): the art or science concerned...

Letter to the Editor 10.6.2016 Street Names

Dear Neighbors: According to last week’s Herald article, Mayor Asks Permission…, the city council at Ava wants to change the grid system to a named...
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