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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: Recently we had some youth vandalism at our home. My wife called the Ava Police Department. An officer responded immediately and brought the problem to a satisfactory conclusion. That officer strengthened our town and society just by being ...

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Letter to the Editor Bamboo

Dear Editor: I am so glad to hear that the City of Ava has been prohibited from tearing out Pat Davis’s bamboo. I am one of so many people who think bamboo is beautiful. As in everything, I’m sure there are ...

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Letter to the Editor 6.29.2017

Dear Editor: No More Bees!? A friend had a letter published in the DC Herald a year ago this month in which the film “Resonance: Beings of Frequency” was mention-ed. I have just watched that docu-mentary for the second time. ...

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Letter to the Editor – Chadwick

The 1942 Ava Produce reprint (Douglas County Herald 4/6/17), FOOD FOR FREEDOM, stirred my heart.  Contrast the spirit of those simpler times to now, to the exhausted state of Ozark farmland, and to the decline of contemporary farm culture.   Sadly, ...

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Letter to the Editor 12.23.2016

I am appalled at the suggestion by a loud minority that the Electoral College be abolished. I did not vote for Donald Trump in the recent presidential election. However, I think a little context is in order. The Electoral College ...

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