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Local Citizen’s Care for Stranger Appreciated

Dear Editor, On Oct 19 of this year, our motorcycle group from Kansas City decided to ride the wonderful roads in your area. We did...

The Return of the Bus Issue

LETTER TO EDITOR   Editor:  The School Bus Issue again!  Holy smokes - this thing keeps coming back like Freddie Krueger!  For what was supposedly a settled issued it...

Third Grade Students Honor Reginald King at Wall That Heals

Dear Editor, In your September 6th issue I read a letter from Lois Moore regarding her nephew, Reginald King.   I read this letter to my third...

Letter to the Editor: Remember Those Honored by The Wall

    To the Douglas Co. Herald, When I read in the paper about the Vietnam Wall being set up in your area, I called your office...

The People Have Voted: Prop A Defeat Should Be the End of Legislators’ Attempts...

To the Editor: On August 7th the PEOPLE of Missouri, once again, defeated attempts to make Missouri a so-called “Right to Work” state. Proposition A,...

Tax Cut Spin is ‘Pure Bull’

To the Editor:  Our Congressman Jason Smith is at it once again trying to spin the President’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act (otherwise known as...

Letter to the Editor: Healthy Living Beats Statin Drugs. 8.9.18

Dear Editor: Last week Dr. Jerome Fleg wrote in Letter to the Editor refuting some of the information in the column:  Secrets to Healthy Living...

Inaccuracies in Recent Article Concerning How To Avoid a Heart Attack

To the Editor:  As a cardiologist working at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institutie (NHLBI), I feel compelled to address several serious inaccuracies in...

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Recently, my wife and I traveled from Michigan to Southern Missouri to look for real estate. Having recently retired, with no...

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Thank you for your editorial in the July 13 issue of the Herald. I felt a sense of support to learn that Gov....
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