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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: I wanted to take a moment and write to you in hopes that you would publish this as a huge thank you to...

Letter to the Editor: Ava Bears Footlball

December 9, 2019 This past weekend, while watching the KY3 News, I watched the highlights of the State Football Championship finals. Watching this touched my heart....

Letter to the Editor: Ava District Bus Transportation System

December 10, 2019 Once again there is turmoil concerning the Ava District Bus Transportation System. I thought I might inform the community of what is...

Letter to the Editor: A Response to Transfer of Law Enforcement Funds

By Edward Peterka Editor: From the front page of the Douglas County Herald, November 7, 2019: “Douglas County Presiding Commissioner Lance Stillings, and District No. 2 Commissioner...

Letter to the Editor: In Gratitude

To the Editor:  Thank God.  In this country today there are people who care enough to stop at an accident even though they have no idea...

Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to Ava Elementary

Right on the front page of the September 26, 2019 edition of the Douglas County Herald, I noticed the article about our Elementary School...


Dear Editor:   This is in response to the Letter to the editor by Frederick J. Dechow, Ph.D., titled Education v. Indoctrination.  Greta Thunberg has...

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor August 30, 2019  I, Jack Charchol and my wife, Peggy Charchol are resigning from our positions as Republican Committee Man and Committee...

Letter to the Editor 

To the Editor:  I would say it speaks extremely well for the Douglas County Herald when, the day after it arrives at our home, it...


The local Sheriff makes some good points in his August 1st letter to the Editor. Public Officials love to hear from their voting public. ...
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