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Letter to the Editor – Chadwick

The 1942 Ava Produce reprint (Douglas County Herald 4/6/17), FOOD FOR FREEDOM, stirred my heart.  Contrast the spirit of those simpler times to now, to the exhausted state of Ozark farmland, and to the decline of contemporary farm culture.   Sadly, ...

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Letter to the Editor 12.23.2016

I am appalled at the suggestion by a loud minority that the Electoral College be abolished. I did not vote for Donald Trump in the recent presidential election. However, I think a little context is in order. The Electoral College ...

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Letter to the Editor 12.22.2016

Dear Editor: I work as a cashier at Walmart in Ava. Last Thursday (Dec. 13) shortly after arriving at work, I heard some beautiful voices singing a Christmas carol. It was NOT the store radio. It was the Mansfield High ...

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Letter to the Editor – Black Friday

Dear Editor: Thanksgiving is upon us, the day when everyone stuffs their belly and spends their money on blowout deals. We have experienced the paragon of consumerism, and it only gets worse every year.  Sixty years ago, the term “Black ...

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Letter to the Editor – Politics

To the Editor: What is politics?  According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is: (1a) the art or science of government; (b): the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy; (c): the art of science concerned with winning and ...

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