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True Armyworms Appear in SW Missouri

COLUMBIA – Armyworms that can strip pastures and hayfields have begun their march through Missouri’s tall fescue fields, warns University of Missouri Extension entomologist...

Southern Missouri Sheep & Goat Conference May 10

WEST PLAINS – University of Missouri Extension and Lincoln University Cooperative Extension (LUCE) will host a seminar for sheep and goat producers from 10...

Alfalfa Weevil Survived Winter, Larvae Threaten First-Cutting Hay

COLUMBIA – “Alfalfa fields face a double hit by weevils this spring. There are more adult weevils than I’ve ever seen,” says Wayne Bailey. In...

Hot Weather Tips for Taking Care of Pets

When temperatures and heat indices soar, pet owners are advised to take special precautions to keep pets safe. High temperatures can be deadly for...

Beef Prices Will Remain High Until Herd Numbers Increase

COLUMBIA – Record cattle prices have caused a large uptick in beef prices at the grocery store. University of Missouri Extension agricultural economist Ron Plain...

Pointers For Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

SPRINGFIELD – Pumpkins are the centerpiece of fall décor according to Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist, University of Missouri Extension. Yet, picking the right pumpkin is,...

Goats: ‘Don’t Fence Me In’

JEFFERSON CITY – Goats are curious animals and their gregarious social skills and healthy appetites know no boundaries, or fences. However, new types of fences...

Angus Embryos Sold to Spain

DHT Angus, a local Angus producer, topped the Heart of the Ozarks sale at West Plains with their open 14-month-old heifer. DHT Angus sold 2/3...

Raised Bed Gardens: Basic Construction

Raised bed gardening is very popular and offers gardeners several advantages. One major advantage for the Ozarks is that you can garden anywhere, whether...

Persimmon Seeds Predict: Colder Winter, Average Snow Fall in the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD – This coming winter in the Ozarks is going to be colder than average with an average snow fall. Well, at least according...
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Douglas County Veterans Are Busy Counting Days Till The Wall Arrives

By Larry Morrison  It seems that sometimes in life one is just busier than other times.  This is one of those times for the Douglas...

Tuesday Bunco Meets

Nubbin Ridge Homemakers

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