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Tuesday Evening Bunco

The first games of the season were played with Jewell Elliott as hostess. First was Darlene Heath, second, Sybil Heckendorn, and Jewell was consolation and door prize, also. After one hour of games,  refreshments were served to the winners and ...

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Mt. Tabor Host Old Folk’s Day

Mt. Tabor Church was host to the 61st annual Old Folk’s Day celebration, Sunday. From the sound of the laughter and visiting going on, everyone attending had a great time. Brother Michael Dixon introduced himself, welcomed the group and had ...

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A Different Kind of Fish Story

Traveling can be a lonesome experience as any business traveler will tell you and so the Charleroi Airport near Brussels has devised a way to cheer you up. They’ll rent you a goldfish to keep you company for only a ...

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No Smoking

Here’s another reason to quit smoking. A driver in Southend, England blew the doors and roof off her car when her cigarette ignited an aerosol can of air freshener, says the Association of Mature American Citizens AMAC]. Luckily, she suffered ...

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Good news for all chocolate lovers. The Swiss have come up with a fourth kind of chocolate to rival the flavors found in white, dark and milk chocolate, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. It’s called Ruby Chocolate ...

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