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Out-of-state hay may harbor red imported fire ants

COLUMBIA – If you buy hay from some parts of the southern U.S., you might get stung—not just once but many times—by red imported...

Landscape Plants Need Immediate Rescue

"Waiting for rain is no longer an option." COLUMBIA – Landscape plants are dying from heat and lack of rain. There’s so little moisture in the...

Secretary of Agriculture Designates 97 Missouri Counties Disaster Due to Drought

The Secretary of Agriculture has now designated 97 Missouri counties as primary agricultural natural disaster areas making certain farmers and other agricultural producers in...

When Drought Stops Plants Making Protein, Nitrate Poisoning Can Kill Grazing Livestock

COLUMBIA – Drought-stricken forages that accumulate nitrates can kill grazing livestock, quickly, warns a University of Missouri plant scientist. “We’re getting reports of cattle dying,”...

Arid Start To 2012 Crop Season Raises Concern As Prolonged Heat Builds

COLUMBIA – An arid spring brought only 4 inches of rain to Missouri in May and June. Normal rainfall is 10 inches, says a...

Director of Agriculture Names Top Farmers’ Market for 2012

Greene County’s Fair Grove Farmers’ Market Named Missouri Farmers’ Market of the Year JEFFERSON CITY – Missouri’s Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler has named...

Local Farmers’ Markets Offer Fresh, Healthy Options

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Searching for fresh, nutritious food? Want alternatives to everyday ingredients? To find healthy foods and unique products, you don’t have to look much...

Garden Green Beans Can Be Canned, Dried, Pickled or Frozen

BLUE SPRINGS – Many gardeners end up with so many green beans they don’t know what to do with them. “There are many ways that...

True Armyworm Poised To Threaten Crops

Problem populations found in fescue pastures, corn and wheat fields around Missouri. COLUMBIA – True army worms are on the march this spring, and farmers...

Center for Rural Affairs Urges Senate To Amend Farm Bill

LYONS, Neb. - Today the Center for Rural Affairs called upon Senate Agriculture Committee members to adopt crucial amendments to the Farm Bill proposal...
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