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Guarding the Mind By Barbara Sisney Daniel

April 3 – The news media is bombarding the public today with a slanted view of the news. Most is negative or lies. Very...

The Long Journey – Part II

By Barbara Sisney Daniel Poliomyelitis is a disease that has no mercy on its victim. In 1946, little was known about the disease. It wasn’t...

Through the Ears of a Child By Barbara Sisney Daniel

The happiest years of my life were spent raising my son. He was a happy child, full of adventure and curiosity. Any new word...

A Long Night By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Part 1– My journey into the unknown had just begun. It was getting late in the evening. Neighbors had come to help. My dad...

The Headless Rooster from Fruita By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Fruita, Colorado is a small, western town close to Grand Junction, Colorado. Fruita is famous for a plucky rooster that lost his head on...
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