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A Boy Becomes a Soldier – Barbara Sisney Daniel

In July 1949 an eighteen year old boy walked to the Army recruiter’s office and enlisted to become a soldier in the United States...

Nothing New? By Barbara Sisney Daniel

A warm summer day, filled with bright sunshine greeted us as we hurried to finish the milking and cleaning the barn. It was a happy...

Shekinah Glory

By Barbara Sisney Daniel December 16 – Christmas cards arrive in the mail with greeting each year. The message of cheer and wishes for the...

Wheels Keep on Turning By Barbara Sisney Daniel

The Springfield Wagon Co. industry that operated in Springfield, Missouri between the Civil War and World War II began as a business in 1870....

Casey Harper By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Dr. Randal Mullings article in the August issue of Guidepost wrote that addiciton to substances is a disease of isolation. Friends and family are...

A Tale Few Have Heard By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Squirrels are one of the few wild animals I love to watch. A number of them visit our backyard to dine on the sunflower...

Looking to Hit the Oregon Trail By Barbara Sisney Daniel

There isn’t anything more intriguing than an auction. My husband loves them. In fact, we have both been mesmerized by the best of auctioneers...

The Long Journey By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Winter of 1946 was harsh as snow and cold moved into the warm autumn season.  It was December with Christmas approaching soon.   I was now...

Guarding the Mind By Barbara Sisney Daniel

April 3 – The news media is bombarding the public today with a slanted view of the news. Most is negative or lies. Very...

The Long Journey – Part II

By Barbara Sisney Daniel Poliomyelitis is a disease that has no mercy on its victim. In 1946, little was known about the disease. It wasn’t...
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