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What About This…? 11.9.2017

Rosalie begins baking her Christmas Goodies well before Halloween and so for a while the kitchen is filled with classical music from the radio until Thanksgiving, when another station begins All-Christmas-Carols-All-The-Time until Santa’s visit.  Since Rosalie is up to her ...

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What About This…? 11.2.2017

Memory is a very weird thing.  We certainly do not understand exactly how it works, not even sure how many “types” of memory we have –– long-term, short-term, facial, concept, color…. We are all surprised, more and more as we ...

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What About This…? 10.26.2017

When I don’t like a product, I let the manufacturer know.  It is not like I think they care what I say, but I figure if I don’t like something and let them know, they will think I represent the ...

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What About This…? 10.19.2017

Now that revising health care at the Federal level seems to be postponed, again, or perhaps dead, we have begun to hear about tax reform.  And we’ve heard that tax reform, dealing as it does with money even more than ...

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What About This…? 10.12.2017

As we listened to the maturing stories concerning the mass killings and injuries in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, it would be impossible to remember all the disparate thoughts that ran through our minds, many thoughts changing as ...

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What About This…? 10.5.2017

Rosalie and I went down to Branson to attend the yearly White River Valley Electrical Coop member meeting.  We have never been to one before even though we have been coop members for more than 30 years.  Its a long ...

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