Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

July 7 – As I sit here on front porch gathering these news items, it’s very humid with no breeze blowing. My granddaughter Kindra is raking and cleaning up around my yard. She has a pile of leaves in the driveway and my yard is looking good. It’s nice to have such good help. 

Kindra’s little dog Rex is here too. He’s quite a character.

My neighbor Tony came over with his mower and mowed for me, and he brought us some sandwiches. It’s nice to have such a good neighbor.

Oh, my goodness! I got 14 birthday cards last week, and today I got eight more. The mailman just drove up while I was sitting on the porch. He handed Kindra the mail and she brought it to me, and I’ll be busy looking at and reading the cards. It’s so nice to be remembered – even if they all remind me I’m a year older. Now that I’m getting close to the century mark, I need to slow down! But what a blessing to be loved and remembered. Thank you all!

Different ones asked what I wanted for my birthday. I’m still waiting for that trip to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Mountain Home – but may have to wait awhile longer until it’s safer to be out. And I’m still waiting for that chocolate cake from my cousin Lyle Mishler. I expect I’ll see him bringing it when it’s safe to be out again.

I sure enjoyed Janet Taber’s article in last week’s Times. And even more, I enjoyed visiting with Janet and Helen June here on my porch. Janet told me, “I’m glad you’re my cousin.” And I feel the same way. I’m glad you’re my cousin too, Janet.

Clear Springs Church had a dinner, and my friend Rebecca Hallmark brought me a big plate for my lunch.

Kris has a birthday July 16. She’s my baby girl, and she’ll be 59. 

Joan Rackley Young of Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, called me and we had a long conversation, remembering again her friendship with my daughter Karen when they were in high school. 

We heard lots of fireworks over the weekend, most of it seeming to come from down south of us, maybe on J Highway.