Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

June 28 – As I gather these items on Monday, I’ve just enjoyed an early birthday present before my 98th birthday on Wednesday. Cousins Janet Ebrite Taber and Helen June Conardy, with her daughter Lynn Hicks, joined me on my front porch for a nice family visit. (My two kitty cats don’t appreciate it when I have company because they have to vacate their spots for my guests.) It was a nice and cool morning, with a little breeze, and we shared many family stories.

I’m looking forward to having some birthday cake sometime soon. I think my cousin Lyle Mishler might be coming with a cake later this week. Lyle, I do like chocolate really well (but also strawberry and cherry cake too).

Here’s another hint to my family. My favorite restaurant is Chen’s Chinese restaurant in Mountain Home. If I’m lucky enough to get to go, I’ll look forward to seeing what the fortune in my fortune cookie predicts for me.

I do enjoy studying history, and I know that Woodrow Wilson was president right before I was born in July 1922. I go way back! You might call me living history.

As always, I’ve been remembering days gone by. Recently, I remembered how I helped my daddy in our home and on the farm after my mother died when I was 13. I helped milk the cows, feed the pigs and chickens, and gather the eggs. What a thrill it was to find a big, double-size egg (although I felt a little sorry for the old hen who laid it). Bringing it into the kitchen and cracking it to make breakfast or some baked goods, it would have a double yolk. You just don’t find those anymore.

I was the baby of our family – but actually, there was a baby after me, my little brother, George Eldon, who died. He was named for my daddy, George Crawford, and grandfather, George Ebrite. And interestingly, later I married an Eldon. My mother was due to have the baby, and she chased a neighbor’s hog that had gotten into our garden. She chased that hog out, and that night she miscarried. Dr. White came and tended to her. The little baby’s remains are buried up in the Lilly Ridge Cemetery. Later, I bought a little stone to put on the grave. It’s not far from the grave of my grandfather Ebrite, who died in 1905.

Jerry Miller’s son, Mark, who is 56, fell from a ladder while working and has been in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis with some injuries. Our prayers are for a quick recovery.

Jerry keeps me posted on the things growing in her garden: cucumbers, tomatoes and such. I am looking forward to being the grateful recipient of her bounty.

I do miss getting outside to use my own gardening skills. I’ve always loved gardening, going clear back to the days of horse-drawn plows, and later, my well-used roto-tiller. But those days are gone, and instead I have the Serenity Prayer playing a big part in my life. Things I cannot change, I have to accept. But if I could help anyone, I would be glad to do what I could.

I expect we’ll be hearing fireworks soon. I used to have the children, grandchildren and neighbor’s children come to my front yard to set off firecrackers. That’s another thing I don’t attempt anymore. I can live without them. I imagine some neighbors will be shooting them off. If hear noise, we’ll remember it’s a celebration.  

Editor’s note: Birthday greetings may be sent to Linnie Ingram at 27703 US Highway 160, Tecumseh, MO 65760.