Sweden – Linda Johnson

June 28 – June is coming to a close. This is the last Sunday of the month and, like clockwork, we are blessed to have Van Kelly as the guest speaker. Camp Joy opens on July 6 and it’s time for the area churches to get behind Camp Joy and support a wonderful ministry.  Camp Joy is open to youths from 7 to college age. It’s a great experience for everyone involved: preachers, Bible Study teachers, camp counselors, the staff, and for the kids that go. Pray for all of them. 

Van opened with a story that is funny and worth repeating. It seems that mom can hear Johnny outside talking. She looks out and sees Johnny preaching to the cat. The cat is sitting quietly and listens to Johnny. Mom returns to her chores and before long she hears the cat wailing and carrying on. She goes and looks out the window and sees Johnny dousing the cat. “Johnny, you know the cat doesn’t like that,” Mom says out the window. “He should have thought of that before he joined my church,” responded Johnny. 

Mr. Kelly selected Joshua 6:1-5 for the sermon text. It’s about Joshua and the instructions given to him about the walls of Jericho.  The people of Israel had been in the wilderness forty years but the Lord was with them. They were now outside the walls of Jericho and Joshua was in need of guidance.  This was a critical part of his life.  He needed a specific strategy.  Anyone who has read the story knows that the strategy is a bit off the wall (pardon the pun). Imagine the people inside the city watching the Israelites walk around the city day after day. Imagine what went through the minds of the soldiers. 

We need three things to carry out God’s plan. First the faith to believe in the plan. Second, the courage to carry out the plan. And, third, the patience to wait for His timing.  Victory is for those who act on His instructions. Submit to the Lord’s timing. 

God doesn’t ask about your abilities, inabilities but your availability. The Bible is filled with examples of those who felt unfit for God’s plan. Moses is a good example. Pew sitters won’t get the work of the Lord accomplished.  Like Mr Kelly said, “You don’t stub your toe sitting down.  Move.”   

Wait for the timing. It’s an essential part of obedience.  God gives precise instructions. The world will make fun of you. Remember what He has done for you. How often do we ask God for direction?  We hesitate to obey. Living by faith is a huge risk. Strengthen your resolve to obey. 

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