Red Bank – Alice Lirley

July 6 – Hello everyone. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Fourth of July Celebration this last weekend. Gary and I watched all of the beautiful firework displays on TV. There were also some nice looking firework displays all around our neighborhood that we could see now and then. We have been there and done that many times in our own yard along with big family barbecues, but now we just settle in and watch. We count ourselves fortunate to live in a free country.  But that freedom came with a cost. It was paid for with the shed blood of many who bravely fought so others could live in a free country where one could live as they wished, speak their mind, vote for their leaders and most of all, Worship as they please.  

The Red Bank Church Worship service began with the singing of hymns, led by Gary Lirley. He also gave the morning welcome and asked for birthday and anniversary mission offerings. No one admitted to having either one this Sunday. A time for prayer request was given and prayer was offered for each request. It was announced that our monthly Praise night will be postponed until the third Sunday evening service this month. Presenting special music was, a duet by Brother Avery Hendrix and Mrs. Dwight Wilson. Eloise Hallmark also sang special music. But, before she did, she presented some belated Father’s Day gifts to all the fathers present and spoke about the important part that her father and other father figures of her family, such as her brothers, played in her life.   

Brother Avery Hendrix brought the morning message. Last Sunday he spoke about the contrast between the good and bad parts of the life of the Apostle Paul and how God, in an instant, changed the heart of a man that had every intention of imprisoning and eventually killing every Christian he could find, to spreading the Gospel of Christ to every person he came across ; knowing full well he would, eventually, be put to death for doing so. This Sunday, Brother Avery decided to present the same contrast about the life of Peter, a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. As he guided us through the New Testament  Scriptures, we began to see that as much as Peter loved and believed that Jesus was truly the Son of God sent from Heaven to teach the love that He and His Father had for mankind, there were times of weakness, where Peter actually showed  a lack of faith that came from something called, human FEAR. It was Peter who took up a sword to protect Jesus from the soldiers that came to arrest Him and a little later it was Peter that claimed he was not one of Jesus disciples to protect himself from being arrested as Jesus had foretold. God does not leave us when we are weak, weary and afraid. As the Apostle Paul said in Hebrews 13: 5-6 “Let your conversation be without covetousness;  and be content with such things as ye have; for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake the so that we may boldly say,  The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” 

This was the last Sunday that Brother Avery could preach for us at Red Bank because, as I understand it, he is now a licensed EMT and will be working throughout the week, including Sundays and Wednesdays.  Pray for him because this line of work, while very rewarding, is also very stressful.  We appreciated meeting some of his family members who accompanied him to our Worship service every Sunday. They all have a standing welcome to come and worship with us all the time or whenever they can.  This family has a wonderful talent for music and they are more than willing to use it for the Lord. 

Visiting in our home last week was our son, Les Lirley and his wife, Jeanine. They spent a lot of time working on a few household chores that I had saved up for them.  Jeanine even took on the job of washing off the green mold that had presented itself on our house siding.  I have done that in the past many times, but have not felt like getting that task done lately. I certainly did appreciate such a wonderful gift.  That is the best kind, you know! 

Also visiting with us throughout this week was Mike Smitley.  Actually, Les and Jeanine rode with him in his truck with his new, used travel trailer in tow. He wanted to bring it along to try it out for great camping capabilities. He seemed happy with it. James and Debbie Lirley enjoyed visiting with Mike, Les and Jeanine too while they were here.  

We got a call from our daughter, Mitzi Fawcett, this week. She is still recuperating from a Covid 19 attack.  She is still very, very weak. She has to be very careful not to have a relapse, which would be worse the second time around. She still cannot leave her house, except to go to the doctor. I believe her whole family is still under quarantine. She and her family are in great need of our prayers.

We were sorry to hear that Gary’s cousin, Vickie Murry, lost her husband, Eddie, to the dreaded disease of cancer last week.  Vickie is the eldest daughter of Lynn (Dolly) and the late Gordon Halcomb.  Maxine Lirley is Vickie’s aunt. Our sincere condolence to Vickie and her family.

That’s all the news for now. Take care. “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven”  (Matthew 10:32).