Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

July 6 – Hey, what happened to June? It seems like it went by in a flash. Honestly, my granddaughter, Lisa had a birthday June 30. I finally got to see her and baby Oren again.  I had only seen him twice because we didn’t want to take a chance on exposing him to the virus. Lisa has been staying at home with him all the time trying to keep him safe.  

Last week-end grandson Jacob and Shyanne brought their camper to the Cedar River Campground where I used to live and camped the week-end. She came and got us and took us down there to join them for a cook-out and sort of a family reunion. It was them, Anita, Lisa, Joe and Oren, Jared and Carrie, Walt and me and Kylie Faye. I hadn’t seen her for a long time so that was a big treat. Everyone was there except Zoie and River.  Zoie might of had to work as she works at the Lutheran Homes in Muscatine. I forgot to ask them.  We hadn’t seen Jared and Carrie for a long time either because they have had the COVID-19 virus and really sick. They were self-quarantined and not going out for anything. Anita and some others were taking supplies and leaving them on the porch for them.  

My brother, Claud Maggard of Ava, MO is battling lung cancer and getting treatments for it. So please pray for him if you would. Maxine maybe you can have a prayer for him at church. He and I are the only two left in our family. My cousin Edna Mae has always been just like a sister to me. Only two months difference in our ages. She and Bill have been having a lot of health problems too.  I always say it’s bad enough to be getting old then we have to get all these health problems on top of that.  I know it’s not for me to question what happens to us. I always say at least I didn’t die young. That helps a little to think about that. I was doing a lot better with my diabetes and blood pressure, then my diabetes medicine was recalled and my blood pressure medicine was upsetting my stomach. I finally figured out what was causing it. The heat isn’t helping any either, our air conditioner just isn’t big enough and we need to get a bigger one, but first we have to get someone to go with us to get it then put it in for us.  Probably two people. Maybe Jared and Jacob, or maybe Lisa’s husband Joe. He’s a weight-lifter and body- builder and really strong and solid as a rock. I think he’s won all the competitions he’s been in. I’m really proud of him and he’s such a good person too. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family all the way around. And also some really good friends.

Well we’re really getting hot temps now and everyone else probably is too. Upper eighties and low nineties. But like I always say it could be worse. All the bad things happening fires, rioting, destroying properties, and people sick and dying from the virus. I haven’t heard from Debbie Noll of Ferguson, MO for a long time and I hope she’s okay. I enjoy hearing from her. I know people don’t write letters much anymore, me included. My cousin Edna Mae Pruett had been writing letters to each other ever since we learned how to write. In fact, I owe her a letter now and if I don’t get it in the mail on time today I will sure try to Monday as the mail won’t run tomorrow. After I found out my brother had cancer I called to tell Junior Evans because I knew he would want to know. His daughter answered his phone and said he was in Iowa City getting cancer treatments. How ironic is that? So many people have it, I guess some of it comes from medicine, we take.  I used to take Zantac and I think my brother did too so now they say it causes cancer, and the tenormin I was taking for my diabetes has been recalled for the same reason. And I heard on T.V. where the Johnson Baby Powder had asbestos in it that’s causing cancer. Why on earth would they put that in baby powder of all things. I remember reading where Steve McQueen died from cancer caused by asbestos and that’s been a long time ago.  He was in “’Bullet” and shows like that. 

Well, I got a new phone and it has everything on it so I am almost addicted to Facebook. How could I not be? So many friends, former classmates, and relatives, some I’ve never met before. And a lot of interesting things to read and look at. And a place to post all my pictures, paintings, poems, and other things. Everyone has been so nice to me and I really need that because I have other people who are not being nice to me and all they do is criticize where my friends on Facebook compliment me and build me up. I was really needing that.  Even though I know I’m a good person and don’t mistreat anyone it still is depressing when you hear all negatives and not one compliment from others even though you know they’re wrong. I better get this in the mail. I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels.