Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

June 29  – Due to our pastor’s health problems, we only had Sunday school this week. We ask special prayers for him, his family and all others mentioned.

Last Sunday, Brother Charles talked about Father’s Day, and usedhis own dad as a good example. There is more to being a father than in name only. We need to teach our children Godly rules, attend activities with them, especially church and Sunday school, teach them to respect those in authority. Honesty and integrity are two things we are lacking in today. We gave special gifts to Brother Charles and Brother Lyle Piland, then Bro. Charles had small gifts for them, also.

We sang Happy Birthday for Jewell Elliott’s special day, June 19.

Shaun, MaKayla, Logan and Nora Elliott brought supper to grandma Jewell on a Thursday evening, recently.

Jewell also attended a Father’s Day barbecue at Shawn and LeAnna’s.

Kay Hutchison stopped by to visit John Stephens last Tuesday. Max and Kathy Stephens were also there.

Visitors these past two weeks with Harold and Kay Hutchison were Dan and Kim Clements, Marion Morrow and Lucille DeBerry, Mac Mitchell and Jim Turner. Harlin and Shirley Hutchison visited Saturday and Sunday.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown continue to stay close to home, however, they enjoyed calls from their children on Father’s Day.