Mt. Olive – Donna Loveland

July 6 – Good Monday morning everyone. We here at Mt. Olive hope everyone had a safe and nice Independence Day.  We had services at 11: 00 am Sunday morning but no Sunday night, and will continue to do services this way for awhile. We are thankful that our congregation is well. But we will continue to try to be safe.

We had a guest speaker for Sunday morning services. Brother Roy Hampton filled in for Jerry this week. He did a good job as usual and we appreciate hearing him preach the word. Roy always has a special song and testimony to go along with his sermon. He preached from a familiar chapter in John about Lazarus and how Jesus spoke the word and Lazarus came walking out of that tomb. If we accept Jesus as our savior, we too will someday be just like him. We will rise to meet Jesus in the air.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the families of Hunter Daughtery and Casey Lewis Hull. It is beyond sad when these tragic accidents happen. And prayers for the ones that were injured also. I know there are lots of broken hearts all around. Also please remember to pray for the recovery of Kyle Hampton. He was injured a few weeks ago when a tree fell on him. He has some severe injuries and it will be a long road to recovery for him. 

I will close for now and ask prayers for those who are sick, for the bereaved and for those recovering from accidents. Also pray for our country and our President and those around him who are trying to lead our country in the right direction.