Gentry – Charlotte Reich

Photo submitted.

July 6 – Opening our morning service was Doug Miller.

We studied in Sunday School class about Samson and his character was often seriously flawed. He started out well and ended badly.

Happy birthday wishes went out to Gina Welker.

Special song was by  Gentry Choir honoring our flag.

After service last Sunday, Gentry had an infant shower for Julie and Travis Cheyney.

Friday night was our annual fireworks display at the church and Saturday night Doug and Sheila Miller hosted a family and friends get-together to enjoy food and fireworks.

Our guest speaker this morning at Gentry was Hayden Crouch of Bradleyville and his sermon was from 1 Samuel 24. David rewarded Saul good when he could of rewarded him evil. We have to remember the choices we make sometimes have a possibility of ruining our lives or the lives of others.

This week, remember all the prayer requests this morning, along with leaders, country, military and Israel.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July and remembering the true meaning.