County Line – Veda Bushong

July 6 – I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July.

I’ve had a lot of company this week. Those here were Donna and David Dodson, Butch and Diana Davis, Johnnie and Debra Reed, Mike Dodson & Bryse, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan, Quin, Macee, Ronnie and Amy Croney, and Lisa Hensley.

Johnnie and Debra also visited Buster Hancock and Justin Reed and family. Johnnie and Justin went fishing one day.

Megan Goforth spent Saturday evening at the lake with Regan Koop and family.

Reece Goforth spent the weekend at the lake with friends.

Bradley Williams and Megan went to the lake on Sunday.

Chase Dodson & Dallee are preparing for the Horse Show this week.

Bryse and Quin played basketball in Ava on Thursday.

David and Donna dog sat August and Roxie over the weekend for Reece.