Caney News – Janice Lafferty

June 28 – Caney church Sunday School began with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Prayer requests/praise reports were taken. Bro. Jim Lafferty took our concerns to the Lord in prayer.

Jack read Psalm 119:97-104. Only the Bible and God is the way to Heaven. Don’t follow false teachings.

After a good Sunday School lesson, we had a time of testimony from Hi Lambeth, Vanessa Mills, Jeff Shipley, Jim Lafferty.

Worship continued with congregational singing.

Special music was by Melba Austin and Kathleen Chaney.

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning. His scripture was Psalm 89:47.

Life is short, no matter how many years you live. Make them count for the Lord. Witness to others about Jesus; it could make a difference in their life.

A beautiful day to be in the house of the Lord. Come Worship with us at Caney. We are just doing morning service at this time. We pray it won’t be long before things change so we can have regular service.

Last week’s news:

Jun 21 –  On this beautiful Father’s Day, service began with singing.

We had a great Sunday School lesson. Afterwards, Happy Birthday was sung to Jeff Shipley. God bless him.

We had a time of testimony from Gracie Shipley, Jeff Shipley, Danny Flannery and Sharon Withrow.

Service continued praising the Lord with congregational singing.

Singing special music was Melba Austin.

Brother Jack Essary spoke this morning. His scripture was Titus 2:1.

We should be standing for and teaching the things of God. God has brought salvation to the world, for those who do the things He says. Following Him and living His Word is the only way to make Heaven. God requires something of us. God has rules. Just because man doesn’t like them, making laws saying it’s okay doesn’t mean a thing. When the world faces judgment, He will not ask the world’s opinion. He will say what have you done with my Word.

The church recognized all the fathers in our church. A God fearing father is a real blessing.

Come worship with us at Caney.