Black Jack – Carol Murdy

July 6 – We trust that everyone had a great Independence Day celebration to honor the birth of this nation under God and honor those who gave their all to keep this nation of liberty and justice for all. 

Following prayer and worship, Pastor Vic Murdy preached Psalms 26, a sermon entitled ”What are you doing worth dying for?” God has blessed us so much based on the integrity of the founders of our nation. We have purposed to fight our enemies on their turf. Likewise the Church should combat evil outside the church. But because every child of God who comes to Church is not saved/living for God, our power is diminished for we are not of one mind and accord. We need to live with the same devotion to God, dedication to freedom and integrity in our walk as those had who wrote our Declaration of Independence. But we have begun to walk worldly in fear of a virus that has a 98.97% survival rate. We are asleep, listening to the world, not the Word.  

Are we able to invite God to judge our integrity and trust towards Him? To examine our hearts? To prove us? To try our reins? To declare “I have walked in thy truth?” Or to say I sit not with those who cause division or do evil?(1-5). David says tho I be innocent, I will be certain. I will wash my hands and humble myself at Your altar. (6) Do we see the fear of God to this extent in churches today? We sin and repent with such repetitiousness that we allow familiarity with evil doing to develop resulting in the loss of integrity. Therefore we slide during trials and temptations. (1). We must work to keep our integrity daily and not let our guard down. The enemy will come but will you  stand? Not all saw the victory they brought to this country at Normandy. Though 100% battled, 80% fell while 20% continued on to victory. That’s Integrity. Doing what you said you would without giving up. Honor your word by keeping it. Better not to vow a vow than to break it. (Ecclesiastes5:4-5)

David asks not to be gathered with sinners for he declares his choice to walk in integrity, desiring God’s mercy and redemption(11).  Standing with and for God, he stands in an even place where he will not be tossed to and fro(12).  He loves the habitation of God’s house where God’s honor dwells and declares the wonderful works of God with thanksgiving. How do we feel coming to church? It is more than a privilege. It is life giving.

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