Black Jack – Carol Murdy

June 28 – The opening scripture was taken from Jonah. Psalms 37 was read and studied with emphasis from God not to fret or be envious against the workers of iniquity. Prosperity  and power is short lived for those who bring forth wicked devices. Evildoers shall be cut down like grass and wither. But don’t rejoice in another’s demise or misfortune. Rather bring yourself into submission of God with confidence and trust in His promise to protect and provide for your needs. Walking with God and keeping His commandments requires that we love and pray for one another, harboring no ill will and judging not. The lot of evildoers, as well as our own, rests in God’s hands. 

Pastor Vic Murdy preached from Romans 13, “Don’t Sleepwalk But Rightwalk”. The church today is sleepwalking, busy but powerless; a ship adrift in a changing world with no one at the helm because we have failed to allow the Master Helmsman to assume His rightful place. Verse 1 reads “let every soul be subject to the higher powers…for the powers that be are ordained by God. Whosoever resisteth the power, resisteth the ordainance of God. (2) Render therefore to all their dues…”.(7). Foremost maintain christian conduct and follow God’s commandments before all. Keep His sabbath holy.  Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.  Don’t partake of the things God calls an abomination nor be a name caller or judge of another rendering railing for railing. Rather love one another, for “love worketh no ill to his neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law”(8-10). Knowing that the time is nigh, awake from sleep and put on the armour of light. Walk honestly, (not in rioting, strife, envying) making no provision for the flesh (11-14). Pray with the love of Christ sincerely hoping for good to overtake evil at the Lord’s hand.  God created all; we are His children to correct or bless as He would.

In 1 John 1, we are guaranteed forgiveness if we confess our sins. The catch is that we must be able to ask it of Him and who knows when the end to this life is but 10 minutes away!  

Romans 6 tells us that “to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey his servants you are…whether to sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness”(16). Have your fruit unto holiness and everlasting life (22).

All things prophesied unto the end times have been fulfilled. Matthew 16 directs us to behold the signs of the times. Wake up from your sleep. Don’t put off getting right with God . Get your flesh under submission, preparing yourself to meet God for there were 5 foolish and 5 wise virgins, the former not entering into the marriage supper.  Once the door is closed, it cannot be opened.  It is time to practice serious godliness.

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