Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

July 6 –   Norma Stillings enjoyed having visitors call at different times last week.  Nina Carter and Jill Johnson each stopped by to visit about some of Norma’s Volunteer work. 

Norma’s daughter, Debra Bohnstedt, came down from Springfield, Friday. She went to the Ladies Bible Study with Norma, and then went to find some fabric for a new quilting project. They visited the rest of the afternoon and ate supper before Debra returned to Springfield that evening. Debra had a birthday on the Fourth and chose to spend that day with her husband, Cliff.

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen hosted several of Bethany Baptist Church folks at noon on the Fourth for a lunch of grilled burgers and frankfurters with all the things that go along with that. There were no fireworks there, but those who wanted to see and hear fireworks would do that later at home or at another gathering. 

Darlene Sorensen sang a special song, Sunday morning on a patriotic theme. After reading from 2 Chronicles 34 about the young King Josiah’s efforts for Revival in Judah, Pastor Bob Sorensen asked, “What would happen if America sought after God?”

Josiah was just a child when he was made king. The last two kings had led Judah into the most grievous of sins and although a few prophets like Jeremiah kept warning the people of Judah and a few priests remained faithful to God, for the most part they had turned away from God. When Josiah was sixteen he began seeking after God and by the time he was twenty, he began the work to destroy the altars to idols in Jerusalem, Judah, and out into Israel. God really blessed him and Judah enjoyed the blessings of God on them at that time. 

So much of America is hurting today. People are fearful and they are confused about what sin is, but if the people of America would read their Bibles and make it the authority for their lives, they would quit accepting sin as normal and desirable. If Americans would get on their knees, and sincerely seek after God, then God could bless America again. 

Preparations are being made for Vacation Bible School to start next week. It will start Wednesday, July 15 and run through Friday from 6:00 to 8:15 each evening. It will conclude with a program Sunday, July 19 at 1:00 PM after lunch in the fellowship hall at noon.