Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

June 29 – We are saddened at the passing of Darlene Sorensen’s mother, Doris Taschner. Darlene was blessed to be able to go to St. Louis and be with her mother a few hours before her death. Darlene returned to Ava late Saturday afternoon. 

Luke and Shauna Sorensen and Khari drove up from Hope, Arkansas, for a weekend visit with Bob and Darlene. They returned home after church, Sunday afternoon. They plan to come back for a longer visit later in this month during VBS. 

Norma Stillings had the first round of cataract surgery done last Thursday in Springfield. Her daughter, Debra Bohnstedt, drove down early to take her to Springfield for that surgery. Everything went well.  

Bethany Baptist Church had its Independence Day Service, Sunday, June 28. The Jubilee Singers presented patriotic music in the morning service. Veterans were honored with a small gift. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message, “God Bless America.” There was lunch in the fellowship room at noon. Then at 1:00 PM the Jubilee Singers presented a program of Patriotic music and narrative. 

In Genesis 12:1-2, the Lord had told Abraham that he would make of him a great nation and a blessing. Because of Abraham’s obedience to and faith in God, he was blessed with prosperity and became a blessing to others. The Bible says “Abraham believed God and it was counted for righteousness.” When America believed and honored God in everyday life, America was also blessed with prosperity and became the place where people wanted to live. 

Abraham was also blessed when a confederacy of several tribal kings attacked the inhabitants of the cities in the nearby plains. His nephew was among those who were carried away captive. When Abraham heard about that, he armed his trained servants and pursued after the attackers by night, smote them, and brought back all the captives and all the goods that had been stolen. It is notable that his servants were trained and ready to go immediately. America must be just as well prepared.

America has been blessed, but can we expect God’s blessings to continue when we want to be our own gods, when we take down the Ten Commandments, forbid mention of Jesus in public places, and abort thousands of babies each year? Our land needs healing. It is time for Christians across America to humble ourselves before God, to pray, to turn away from their sins, and to seek after the Lord. If we will do our part, God can bless again.