Smallett – Margaret Rosseau

June 22 – Sunday morning service was opened with music and prayer. 

Margaret Rosseau sang a special about father. 

Brother Evans sang about a way faring stranger. 

The message was from Hebrews 11: “Faith of our fathers.” John 10 & Psalms 103,”The Good Shepherd.”

What does it take to be a good father?

What a father is not. 

Visitors in our home this week were Gary and Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Betty Thomas, Janie Colburn, Beth Blackwood, Betty LaGue, Beverly Smith. 

Donna Bannister came down and helped me paint the porch and carport floors. It sure is looking pretty. 

We are needing some rain. My flowers are really pretty this year, but, having to water them and tomato plants. 

Hope all the fathers out there had a good day. 

Until next week remember to thank God for another good day.