Mt. Zion – Barbara Uhles

Memorial Day Sunday morning service patriotic music. Ushers were James Cox and Alex Fourman. The special song was by the Paston Trio- Jesse, Cheryl and Dana. Pastor Bob Thompson Jr., preached on Matthew 6:13. “Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this that this woman hath done be told for a memorial of her.” (1) Memorials preserve history – rainbow, Passover Feast, stones from the middle of the Jordan River. (2) Memorials preserve heroes – of faith, freedom, and family. (3) Memorials preserve honor – Bible heroes, missionaries. 

Sunday evening Phyllis Arnold led in prayer. Lilah Sherman and Debbie Cox sang a duet. Pastor Bob preached on Esphesians 6:5. “Relationships and Ethics in the Work Place.”

Wed. evening was a People’s Meeting. Jesse Paxton led the singing and Delbert Murray led in prayer. Then 17 individuals testified of “How God helped me through the Covid-19 shut-down.” 

The encouraging reports reminded us that CHURCH IS ESSENTIAL!

We appreciate all of our Armed Forces and those who gave their lives for our freedom. We don’t know them all, but we do owe them all!