Highlonesome – Linda Orick

June 22 – Lots of snakes seem to be on the prowl. The rains have flushed them out of their dens.

Mowing yards will probably slow down. My sister in-law, Betty Halcomb, hopes it dries to put out their garden. Our lettuce, radishes and onions are doing good. And the potatoes look real good. All we have out looks good so far.

May 31st, Junior and David Halcomb visited with us. We sure miss Junior & Betty not being able to come down and visit us. Time passes fast. I told Junior our Dad passed away 36 years ago June 1st. People, if you love and want to be with family, better do it before it’s too late. We live in a rush, rush world. As my niece says, family comes first.

Sunday I was out looking in the yard, and I walked down to the road. My sister’s kids and I played a lot there. Playing games and sliding in the gravel. Hard on shoe leather I suppose. 

June 7th, Sunday, James and I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb. Thursday evening, we visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb.

June 8th, James and I drove down to the Boulders Fork cemetery. It looks good. Mike and Keith Williams, his sister Cecelia, her friend Clay, and her daughter, Charity, had a work day at the cemetery. It’s like most cemeteries, needs funds and people to help keep it. The road is better. It got graded, but more heavy rains are in the forecast. Not much you can do with the way the creeks have been up.

Junior and Betty Halcomb would take my folks and their kids Connie, David and me to the creek when it was hot. I would hate to wade in it due to all the trash flowing down it. Boulders Fork used to have some good spots to enjoy. Now gravel and rocks filled it up.  But, that was a very long time ago. We kids didn’t need a long deep hole of water. We just enjoyed playing in it. And riding  on the back of the Halcomb’s pick-up truck.

As of June 9th, the forecast is for a long day spell. Make hay when the sunshines. We may want rain before we get some more. You hate to gripe about the rain, but mercy. I remember years ago you got showers once or twice a week. And the gardens were great. The rains are pretty cold. But July and August. I imagine will be warm rain. Things are so much different than what it used to be.

People are trying. I should say most are trying to avoid Covid-19. And all the protesting going on it may never end. Hospitals will be full and the ones that have done precautions won’t get any help.

Election time – we need to be praying for the right leaders to be put in office. My uncles Amos and Oscar Thomas always loved that time of year. They would hear something funny and they would call me. When Uncle Amos passed away, Judge Roger Wall said seems like he should be wearing his Patty Kraft cap. We all enjoyed Patty.

Connie Siler enjoyed her granddaughters, Adalynn and Amaris on Friday. Their mom worked that day. Girls have enjoyed summer school at Plainview. I imagine the highlight at Grandma Siler’s was the new baby kittens. They may later have some to share. I told Connie I always love to find baby kittens when I was a kid.

Father’s Day we attended church at Chadwick Baptists Temple. Their Pastor Clint Johnson and family were on vacation. He called James Saturday night to preach at Chadwick because he didn’t think he would be home in time. It’s been a while since we had seen and been in church with the ones who attend there. A young family man told James, I remember you preaching years ago and predicted some of the things we are seeing now. Some may not see it. But he said I have lived long enough to see the things come to pass. I woke up with those sermons you preached on my mind.

Talked to J.D.Morrison, His sister Thelma Posey is still weak from her hospital stay. Get well soon Thelma.

Congratulations to Mikie & Ester (Johnson) Hampton on the birth of a baby boy. He joins a brother and sister.

Brad Evans and son fished Sunday evening. Brad said they were having fun and that’s what it’s all about.

We came down the road coming home. Jerry Nelson was enjoying his lawn chair in the shade watching the world go by. Out world seems to be going fast. Jerry enjoys his chickens. Curtis’ (chops) Daugherty visited Jerry Friday night. He was coon hunting.

Dana McDonald and daughters got her Dad a recliner in Springfield. Her daughter, Jaci Lafferty, turned 16 and two days later she went to work at Taco Bell. I was looking at some pictures the other day and had some  Dana sent us where he patized Jaci.

Dana took Ester Hampton and baby to the doctor last week. He is doing good.

Saturday we visited Junior and Betty and took them some garden veggies.

Sympathy to the Phillips family. Dale’s wife, Paula’s mother, Bobbi Roberts, passed away. The Phillips son, Jason, married our neice, Shawna (Fugate) Phillips.

June 18th, Irene Swearingin called to put Kyle Hampton on the prayer list. June 19th, Kyle had surgery on his neck.

June 19th we visited Junior & Betty Halcomb. We have had extra lettuce, radishes and onions to share. Junior was outside in the yard walking. This not being able to do what you want is for the birds. My knee, hip and back give me trouble.

Joh and Connie Siler and David Halconmb visited Connie & David’s parents, Junior and Betty, for Father’s Day. the Silers were going to their daughter Amanda Evans and family for another Father’s Day get together. 

Happy Father’s Day a little late. Those of us who have lost our dads, we still and always will have our heavenly Father.