Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

June 22 – Hello to all our friends and family from here on our mountain. We have been busy at church the last few weeks. Things are trying to get back to normal. We still have a few families staying home for health reasons and that is understandable, but we do miss them.

June 14, we had our homecoming at church. After services, we had dinner. It was good to see some folks we hadn’t seen for a while and fellowship with them. After that we gathered back in to sing and had a testimony service. It was a good day to serve God.

This past Sunday the 21st was Father’s Day. We got to give special recognition  to the fathers; Jerry Nelson was the oldest, his grandson, Jerry Seth Powell, was the youngest. There was a two way tie for the father with the most kids present; Jon Mithell and Sim Nelson. Eric Nelson also got a gift for Father’s Day. We appreciate all the father’s and so glad that they bring their kids to church.

We are having our Wednesday night bible study, would love to have you come out to join us. Also planning on having our 4th of July on July 5th after church, so join us for church then stay and eat a bite and watch the fireworks.

It is time we all start working together as God intended, one people, his people. Yes, all lives matter, all souls matter.

Pray one for another and for our country. God bless