Douglas County Herald Correspondent : Roger Wall, Notes from Hunter Creek

How long have you served as our correspondent?
February 2015.

What inspired you to assume this task?
My love of the law is only exceeded by my love of the outdoors!

What is your favorite hobby or pastime activity?
Canoeing, golf and reading.

How long have you lived in Ava/Douglas County?
39 years.

If you will, please share the year you graduated from high school?
Windsor High School, Benton Co, 1965 (at age 16). 

What is your favorite pie?  ice cream? or pie and ice cream combination?
Coffee ice cream is one of my fatal weaknesses, followed by a good cigar.

Is there a food item or meal you are well-known for preparing?
Seattle Stew (sautéed clams into the “trinity,” over a nice spinach pasta).  I learned this in 1970 while stationed as a Drill Sgt in Ft Lewis, Washington.

Post Script (PS)
My favorite (past) columnists: River Stillwood, Wilda Moses, Carol Boedekker-Genet, the author of “Dogwood Ramblings”  (now deceased) and the new editor Boyink. He enjoys traveling to new places, and I do also.