Douglas County Herald Correspondent : Norma Stillings, Bethany Baptist Church

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How long have you served as our correspondent?
I have written regular items for Bethany Baptist for over 20 years, but my first correspondence was back when I was elected to be the Reporter for the Nubbin Ridge Royals 4-H Club back in about 1952.

What inspired you to assume this task?
|I was asked to do it.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime activity?
I love to read, play the piano, visit with people, tell stories, and do Bible studies.

How long have you lived in Ava/Douglas County?
On May 6, I will have lived in Douglas County 83 years (except for a couple of years at college in Springfield).

If you will, please share the year you graduated from high school?
I graduated from Ava High School in May 1955.

What is your favorite pie?  ice cream? or pie and ice cream combination?
I love a good pecan pie; I love vanilla ice cream with strawberries, but being pre-diabetic I have to skip the pecan pie and ice cream most of the time, and just enjoy the strawberries.

Is there a food item or meal you are well-known for preparing?
I have made hundreds of homemade pizzas for family occasions and at school.