Douglas County Herald Correspondent: Hellen Blake, Arno News

Submitted Photo

How long have you served as our correspondent?
30 years 4 months.

What inspired you to assume this task?
Beulah Creech handed it down to me when she quit. Now my readers are the ones who keep me writing. They call me after my news isn’t in the paper.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime activity?
Right now it’s baking cakes and bread for other people.

How long have you lived in Ava/Douglas County?
56 years.

If you will, please share the year you graduated from high school?
1956, Preston, Mo.

What is your favorite pie?  ice cream? or pie and ice cream combination?
Blackberry cobbler, homemade vanilla ice cream. Can’t eat black berry now. Pumpkin is next.

Is there a food item or meal you are well-known for preparing?
Christmas Dinner turkey, ham, brown beans, rolls, turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, pea salad, yams, corn, blackberry cobbler, pumpkin pie.