Council on Aging Ava Senior Center

By Tommy Roberts

No news yet about when we might be able to open back up for hot meals inside.

If you want to avoid that feeling of being cooped up, start a new hobby like knitting, painting or fiction writing; try a new recipe; do a puzzle or pull out some old board games; get that spring cleaning done that you didn’t do in the spring; rearrange your furniture; research your family history or plan your vacation for next year when surely the nation will be opened back up.

My goal was to lose ten pounds this year. I only have fifteen to go.

Be sure and send in your census report. If you didn’t get one in the mail or on your door, please go to and fill out the form there. It is very important to return it because voting district boundaries are at stake in the state.

Did you know the number one cause for death in people over age 65 is heart disease? Cancer is number two. These lifestyle changes may help prevent a heart attack: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, tuna or herring and cut back on the salt; avoid hydrogenated fats completely; calm down from the stress in your life; quit smoking; and mind your blood sugar. We want to keep you around as long as possible.

From my Mom’s Bible – You will only begin to heal when you let go of past hurts, forgive those who have wronged you and learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Be careful who you trust. The devil was once an angel.

Until next week, have a good ‘un.