Church of the Living God – Bevy Moore

June 15 – Wednesday evening Bible study was led by Bro. Don Lunn.  This week’s subject was about “Anger-Righteous or Unrighteous?”  Phil.4:14; Psa. 37:8; Prov. 15:1, 22:24, 25:23; Eph. 4:26, 31; James 1:19-20; I Cor.13:5. 

Thursday evening Pastor Gary celebrated his 75th birthday with family and friends. 

Sunday morning we had 23 in attendance. Bro. Don Lunn opened the service with praise, prayer and scripture. Prov. 22:1 

Sis. Linda Roberts led the Sunday school class, continuing scripture from Deut. 5:7-33, the Ten Commandments – The Mosaic Law. 

Birthday celebrated this week was Pastor Gary. 

Pastor Gary brought the morning message of “Watch!”  Matt. 24:36-42; Rev. 3:2-3. Death is not a respecter of persons. Repent. 

After morning service, we had a wonderful fellowship dinner. 

Sunday evening was youth service.  The guest speaker was Bro. Eli McDowell. He spoke about “Pivotal Moments”, not turning away from wrong / sinful actions. Judges 13-16:30. 

Special prayer requests this week were for the Linna Rae Fleetwood family, Larry Mackey family, Wanda Cox, Monty Camden, Betty Hesterlee, Bo Hill family, Brent Wade family. 

Services are Sunday morning 10, Sunday evening 6; Wednesday evening 7. 

This Saturday morning is the Men’s Breakfast at 7:00. 

Pastor Gary Moore, (417) 543-3785; Assoc. Pastor Don Lunn, (417) 250-0477.