Caney News – Janice Lafferty

May 24 – O what a glorious day to worship the Lord. Caney Church met together to study His word.

Brother Jack Essary welcomed everyone, prayer requests praise reports taken Brother Jim Lafferty took our concerns to the Lord in prayer.

Jack read Psalm 72:1-17 for our devotion the Lord will forgive and meet our needs when we follow Him and praise Him. We are a blessed people. 

After a very good Sunday School lesson, we had a time of testimony. Jim Shipley, Jim Lafferty. We continued service with congregational singing. What a blessing to be able to sing praises to the Lord. It is truly a blessing to see the SONshine. 

Singing special music was Melba Austin. 

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morn His scripture was from Jeremiah and Isaiah and Matthew. 

Our nation needs to seek the Lord. Coming to His house to praise Him. It will be a great time for those that know the Lord to get to Heaven Hell is just as real as Heaven. It is a horrible place. Please come to the Lord so you won’t go there. 

Count blessings every day. Don’t get discouraged. Keep looking to the Lord for help and peace. 

Come worship with us any time at Caney Church you are welcome. 

Right now we are just having morning services, Sunday Services at 10, worship at 11.