Breedon – David Williams

Morning services began by Cub reading the 128th Psalm and sister Evelyn Harper saying the morning prayer. 

The adults and children then went to their classes for Sunday school. The adults read and studied Psalms 138th to 140th. 

David Williams said the prayer over the morning offerings and then took them up. We had 34 in attendance on this Sunday. David then lead the congregation in morning worship and song. We sure had some good singing. 

Dave Lafferty and June sang two specials.  We enjoy hearing them sing, then Ronnie and Sue and June and David and Bobbie sang a special. 

We missed Sister Judy being with us as Danny Willis and family were moving to Rolla where he is now stationed. 

Brother Cub took his morning message from I John, chapters 1 & 2. 

Brother John closed the service with prayer. 

We enjoyed the visitors we had today, please come back when you can, and Happy Father’s Day to all. 

Evening service was canceled due to Father’s Day, so families could celebrate and have dinner together.  God Bless you all!