Red Bank – Alice Lirley

May 17 – Hello everyone.  The weather report that I’m hearing is one of thunder storms that is forecast to be moving throughout our area today.  I hope I can get this article written before it hits here.   We have learned, the hard way, to unplug all our electrical conveniences from all outlets before we lose everything from lightening strikes.

The Worship service at Red Bank Church began with the singing of hymns, led by Gary Lirley.  He also welcomed everyone, gave announcements and asked if anyone had a birthday or anniversary that they would like to celebrate with a mission offerings. Because there were several members of our family that had birthdays the last of April and first of May, I gave an offering in their honor. The monies from our mission offering goes to provide necessary personal items for children within all the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home that our association has established throughout our state. They make a big difference in the lives of many children who  have had their quality of life interrupted from serious family hardships. Everyone was asked to pray for a silent prayer request that was made. Prayer was offered for this request and for God to heal our nation from the attack of this deadly Covid 19 virus that many are suffering and sometimes dying from. Special music was offered by Jeane Huff and Eloise Hallmark.  

Gary Lirley, our speaker, read Scripture from Acts 9: 26-28 that told how Barnabas, a faithful apostle, took it upon himself to personally introduce Saul, later called Paul, to the disciples, who were very afraid that Saul was not a legitimate disciple of Christ. After all it was Saul that had previously persecuted every Christian he could find. Barnabas told them how Saul had preached boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus and that he was with the  other apostles as they were coming in and going out of Jerusalem with the risk of certain imprisonment and, perhaps, death if caught. Gary pointed out that, like Barnabas, we as Christians, need to step out on faith and set the example of serving the Lord with not only words of encouragement, but by putting action to our words.  Too many who claim the Lord as their Savior, put themselves first and never show their faith through selfless service. One cannot be an effective witness without being actively engaged in serving the Lord themselves. We find in James 1: 22-24 a perfect description of such a person. Paraphrasing, it tells us that if a person is not a doer, but a hearer only, then he will be as a man beholding his natural face in a glass, and will not recognize the person he started out to be. He will, straightway, then forget what manner of man he was. How sad that because of our own selfish actions, we miss  realizing the Joy of our Salvation.

I understand that the parade that took place for the HOTO and Ava Place residents was a wonderful success.  Gary and I intended to go, but we had a complication with our truck and couldn’t make it.  But, Jeane Huff did get to be a part of the parade.  She was thrilled to see her mother, Maxine Lirley, sitting outside on the HOTO porch waving to her and others as they passed by.  I know this effort  renewed the  spirit of each resident. It always helps when we know that others care about us.

That’s all the news for now. Take care.  Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you”(I Peter 5: 6-7).