High Lonesome – Linda Orick

May 18 – Looking backward in the Douglas County Herald it had where James and I and Shirley Halcomb found mushrooms. I thought to  myself and then told James wouldn’t it be nice to feel that good again. Like the column says Looking Backward. 

Also read where brother-in-law, Charlie and Jerry Nelson family. A few months ago in the 25 years where David and Glenda Halcomb moved to the country. Several things in the 25 years I remember and now in the 50 year. Sure shows your age. 

Happy 69th wedding anniversary to Junior and Betty Halcomb, They were married in their living room where they have lived since the early 60’s. They were married by Junior’s great-uncle, Rev. John Pewett and later bought the place from him. Junior’s sister, Sybil (Dot) and Owen Havill were their witnesses. Later Junior’s brother and wife, Ret and Shirley were married by Rev.  M.K. Applegate and Junior and Betty were their witnesses. They came back and took ‘pictures’ in the living room were Junior and Betty were married. Later Junior’s sister, Linda and James Orick were married at the Applegate home

Junior and Betty were our witnesses. I wanted the same preacher that married Rey and Shirley and the same witnesses they had. That’s what you call keeping it in the family. Ha.

James and I went to the cemetery  to put Easter flowers on our loved ones graves. Just think graves will bust open and we will see our loved ones again. I hope we all stop and think how wonderful it will be getting back in church. Maybe study what Easter really means.

Talked to our sister-in-law, Lyn Halcomb by phone. She sure misses not seeing her family. Lives have been changed during this virus and some things and lives will never be back to normal. I finally got to see Rey and Shirley for a while. I sure hope they find out where this virus comes from. 

Jerry Nelson enjoyed a mushroom fry at his grandson, Jerry Powell’s. Mushrooms provided by Ralph Hutchinson. Jerry and Deanna’s family attended. 

George Morrison told James and I about a cousin, Bill Hartin passing away, I did not know it until he was buried. Last time I talked to him, my sister had passed away in 2018.

April 10th I talked to my cousin, Annabelle Walker. 

Sympathy to Don Goins family and Donald (Archie) Ladd, Robert Gideon, Max Decker families, April 19th Joyce Williams passed away. The Williams family have lost a lot of family members lately. Keith and Cecilla have lost two grandmothers, two uncles, one aunt and now their step-mom all close together.

Sympathy to the Leslie Stillings family. He is relation down the line.

Sympathy to the Aborn family the loss of their loved one. 

Lots of deaths and that’s been hard during this trying time. I know I have forgot several! God’s blessings sent to all. 

Visitors have been Keith Williams, he was doing to the Bolders Fork cemetery. He visited his Dad, Mike and Joyce on Sat. and Sun. April 29th Mike called Keith. She passed away. My brother, Rey visited a couple of times, Gary Harris and Jo Maggard stopped by. David Halcomb and John Siler. John helped David with a little chore. Most all visiting has been outside. No telling how long his virus will go on. When it calms down if it does. Something else will appear. I hope the murder hornets stay away. They are from Japan. Be nice if the U.S. could provide for its country and cut strings from foreign countries. 

When you go anywhere in town you feel like you can’t get clean enough when you get home. I think we are in for a very long ride. 

This year sure has been different. I do hope all you good mothers had a great day. Be one some won’t forget. This 2020 may be one to remember and hope some good comes out of it.