Gentry – Charlotte Reich

May 11 – It was so good to be in the house of the Lord again. It was like a reunion. Opening the service was Joie Welker. 

In our Sunday school class, we learned that God has a glorious future in store for the nation and we can look forward with joy and assurance of his work in eternity future. 

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Ramona and Gary Henning and Kenny and Pam Eaves.

Next Sunday, May 17th, 11 a.m. , Gentry is having the gospel bluegrass singing group “Shine” sharing with us praises in song. 

Remember in your prayers Gary Henning who has taken his first treatment and is confined to home for a few days, Marilyn Bazel, Gina Martin and the many others lifted up before the Lord.

The mothers receiving the big Mother’s Day gifts were Delores Young, Brenda Dammon, Pam Eaves and Janice Young. 

Gentry is only having morning services for the time being, no Friday night singing, third Sunday dinners, or night meeting until further notice.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from Ephesians chapter 3. The love of God is still with us even when we mess up. Our trials make us stronger. Be rooted and bounded in love. Bow on your knees unto the father of our lord Jesus Christ. 

Hope you had a happy Mother’s Day.