Charlotte Reich Gentry News Douglas County Herald Correspondent

Submitted Photo

How long have you served as our correspondent?  

I believe since 2007.

What inspired you to assume this task?  

No one else seemed to want to, so I opened my big mouth and said I would, and I do enjoy doing it. 

What is your favorite hobby or pastime activity? 

I love a blue grass festival and doing crossword puzzles.

How long have you lived in Ava/Douglas County? 

Born and raised, so most of my life.

If you will, please share the year you graduated from high school?  

Ava High, 1955.

What is your favorite pie?  ice cream? or pie and ice cream combination?

Pecan pie and ice cream, still the old vanilla.

Is there a food item or meal you are well-known for preparing?

Sunday dinner with beef roast. Grandkids say meatloaf and homemade cinnamon rolls.