Caney News – Janice Lafferty

May 11– Well we finally got to meet together at Caney. A great day to praise the Lord. 

Service began with singing. Brother Jack Essary welcomed every one. Prayer requests/praise reports were taken. Sister Elsie Combs led us in prayer.

Brother Jack read Zach 8:18-23 for our devotion. Remember God is always with you. A wonderful thought. 

After a good Sunday School lesson, Happy Birthday was sung to Danny Flannery. God bless him. 

We had a time of testimony from Vanessa Mills, Janice Lafferty, Elsie Combs, and Jeff Shipley. 

Service continued with congregational singing. Special music was provided by Melissa Harmon and Melba Austin. 

Brother Jack Essary spoke for us today. His Scripture was Prov. 31:10-31. 

We need mothers with more love for Christ in her heart. To work willingly beside and for her husband and family is a good thing. A good mother knows the Lord and teaches her children about Him. A message from the Word of God. 

Each mother was honored today with token gifts and words of love and encouragement. 

Service ended with songs by Melba Austin and Kathleen Chaney. It was really good to be together and see each smiling face. We need the time we can to be together. 

The Covid-19 has brought a lot of sickness, death, and stress. But it has brought out the good in people and companies. Society is showing love and ways to help others. Many things that would be nice if it continued. 

Caney asks everyone to pray for those affected by this terrible illness, pray for each other as well as our leaders. We know God has not been surprised or out of control. Read, study and do 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

Come worship with us.