Black Jack – Carol Murdy

May 11 – What a wonderful Mother’s Day Service this May 10, 2020. A special time of prayer around the altar preceded Sunday School.  Matthew 16 tells that the  Pharisees asked Jesus  for a sign  to prove Himself as being of God despite many and various miracles that had already been done.  Jesus answered that they knew the signs  foretelling of the weather but not the signs foretold in scripture of the day at hand.

The youth gave honor and recognition to mothers in the Bible and those present.  Pastor Vic Murdy began his sermon recognizing Hannah, Mary, Mary Magdalene,  Deborah and Ruth before preaching from Mark 5:21-36 about a certain woman with a 12-year issue of blood.  His message entitled ‘A Woman’s Suffering and Jesus’s Love’  begins with the understanding of the law (Leviticus 15).  Because of the blood, she and her belongings could not be touched without making that person  unclean.  This  separated her from family and all society including the unclean leper.  Her desperation and faith drew her into a crowd where she lawfully was forbidden to be.  She was immediately aware of her healing when she touched Jesus’s robe.  He had not spoke or touched anyone. This is the first time Jesus recognized that virtue left Him.  In fear she confessed her act when Jesus asked who touched Him. The disciples could not tell who touched Him for He was in the midst of a crowd and many had touched Him; but not in faith with a need.   Jesus addressed this unnamed woman as ‘daughter’, the only time so recorded in scripture.  Thirdly, Jesus announces to all that her faith had made her whole for there was no visible way for any to know she was now clean and able to fulfill the law’s requirements to return to society, her life now restored.  Lastly, this encouraged Jairus, the ruler of the synagogue with whom Jesus was walking, headed towards his house to heal his daughter, for Jesus said to him, “be not afraid, only believe”. 

What a wonderful Saviour.  He takes a no-named woman and titles her as ‘daughter’; and when we reached out in desperation we are titled as a”brother’ or ‘sister’ of Christ! 

Blackjack Church extends a Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers.