Bevy Moore Church of the Living God Douglas County Herald Correspondent

Submitted Photo

How long have you served as our correspondent?  

Off & on for about 25 years.

What inspired you to assume this task?  

I wanted to get the church happenings to the public, so they could study the message also.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime activity? 

Singing, crafts, fishing, garage sales and time with family & friends.

How long have you lived in Ava/Douglas County? 

Almost 59 years.

If you will, please share the year you graduated from high school?  

Class of 1979.What is your favorite pie?  ice cream? or pie and ice cream combination?

Doris Liniger’s coconut cream pie at the Highway House Cafe.

Is there a food item or meal you are well-known for preparing?

Ham & beans, fried potatoes & cornbread, no bake cookies.