Ava Place – Nicole Heick

May 17 – Greetings from all of us at Ava Place Residential Care!

It is almost Summer – that is hard to believe, isn’t it? We have been a bit busy around here the last couple of weeks. 

On Sunday, May 10th we filled this home full of extra LOVE and celebrations for our  special ladies on Mother’s Day. They each got a super pretty bouquet of flowers in a sweet red vase, chocolate candy and hand delivered by our Maintenance Director Dorian Dade. They were so overjoyed. These flowers are still looking good after a whole week. 

We celebrated a birthday on May 12th with two birthday cakes! Who doesn’t love cake? The resident had a fabulous day. He enjoyed all the birthday decorations, the big ole bunch of balloons, many birthday cards and a whole lot of love surrounded him the entire day. 

That crisp cool weather had us all fooled! After a week of nonstop, gray rainy skies – the sun has finally come out. Our Administrator (Debra Dade) knows where to get all types of luscious plants and colorful flowers. Hues of pinks and bright purple, reds, oranges and happy yellow flowers are all getting planted this week. Drive by and gander for yourself. Let us know if  you think our flowers look beautiful too. 

If you see us outside walking in our parking lot or tossing the ball or frisbee around – honk and wave to us, but please do not come in the parking lot, we are still social distancing. We love seeing you and can’t wait to be able to hug you too. 

We continue to have video chats  and walkie talkie window visits with friends and family. The nonstop love and support this community (and beyond Ava) have shown keeps us thankful and feeling very blessed. We appreciate Ms. Norma Stillings, for her weekly cards and notes. We sure miss your sweet self. We miss all our volunteers so much too. Everybody sends their love to you. 

Our One Stop Snack Shack is looked for each afternoon and really loved by all our residents. We appreciate Misty and Mary, a couple of our med techs, for donating goodies. 

We greatly appreciate each and every employee on our team. We have an awesome, very dedicated, super fun, hard working group that love what we do, love why we do it and love who we do for.