Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

April 5 – Look at God’s creation! The blooming dogwood, the sarviceberry trees, the yellow forsythia and white bridal wreathe, the little violets and those red japonicas! They’re all so pretty in my front yard and just across the road. I’m thankful to enjoy the gift of another spring.

I remember Daddy always bringing in a branch from a blooming sarviceberry tree, telling us spring was here.  

Another memory of Daddy is helping him sow tobacco seed. He would burn a brush pile, and after it cooled, he would sow his tobacco seeds in those ashes. Strong plants would grow. We would hang the leaves in our smokehouse to dry. Later we would stem those leaves, and he would crumble them up for his pipe or for chewing.

I do remember seeing, for the first time, someone wrap pieces of tobacco in some thin paper as someone rolled his own cigarettes, something I hadn’t seen before. When we had a bee sting you needed to find someone who chewed tobacco and ask for some to put on the sting. It was a good remedy! 

I’ve enjoyed recent phone conversations with my friends and cousins. Lyle Mishler and I had a good phone visit this morning, and I also enjoyed talking with Helen Conardy. 

My daughter Kris and my granddaughter Kindra Vega come by to look in on me. It takes all of us to make this old world, doesn’t it? My grandson Allen found mushrooms growing in plentiful supply. I’ve always had just a few growing under my pear tree, but he brought a whole bag that he’d gotten somewhere around Bakersfield. He took them to his Uncle Marlyn, who’s very fond of them. 

I do remember when one friend many years ago ate the wrong kind of mushroom and nearly died. She had an unpleasant experience none of us want to repeat.

The governor’s stay-at-home order has begun, but I don’t have to be ordered to stay home during the current pandemic. I spend most of my time at home anyway these days. Writing is my hobby during my time at home – as it always has been. It’s something I began early in life at the Ozark County Times office, owned by my uncles.

I hope you all stay healthy – and stay home as much as you can during these difficult times.