Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

ins are back and so is the snow. It snowed all afternoon yesterday and I couldn’t see if it stopped at dark or not. But it won’t stay on very long. It melted off the sidewalks right away. It looks sorta odd to see the robins walking around in the snow. 

We’re like most other folks in the country and world, watching the T.V. and trying and praying to hear some sort of good news about the terrible times right now. We’re pretty much isolated except for the good people who bring our meals and also the nurse that comes once a week to check on Walt and a nurse aide who also comes once a week to take his vitals and take us to the store for groceries and whatever else we need.

I’m thinking I may just make a list tomorrow and let her go get what we need so we don’t have to get out among the public. She has to be out around other people anyway.

The county next to ours has got more cases of the Virus than any other in Iowa. Mostly ones that were on a cruise together. They just said on T.V. there are 35 cases in that county. 

My family members are isolating themselves as much as they can. Anita serves food to the residents at a nursing home so she has to be there to feed them. Grandson Jared’s  wife and daughter both work at the Lutheran Homes in Muscatine so I’m pretty sure they have to be there. Carrie is a physical therapist and I’m not sure what Zoie does, but it’s probably food service. And I don’t know if Jared’s place of work has closed or not. 

Most places are closed as is the case through out the world. So we’re just waiting it out the same as everyone else. Thank goodness for T.V. so everyone can stay informed. 

I’m also thankful that I like to work on all sorts of crafts. A lot of my supplies are in the storage shed, but I’m still able to work on some things. I hope I can go get some more of my things before long. A couple of weeks ago my family was here except for Jared and his family. Jacob took me to get some more of my things. That made me feel better. And we got to see little baby Oren again. He is still tiny but looks healthy and is filled out good. 

We had a very good day, but I don’t know when we’ll be able to get together again. Of course, none of us want to take a chance on giving the Virus to each other. Lisa is staying home with Oren and trying to keep him safe. I don’t know if Joe is still working or not. I’m telling family that when this is over, we need to get together and celebrate.

My birthday was the 16th and Anita came out and brought me some toilet tissue and hand sanitizer. She also brought a vase with a pretty red silk rose and a helium balloon that says “Happy Birthday.” She said for now the toilet tissue would have to be my birthday present and I told her it might end up being the best one I ever got. Ha!

It looks odd to see all the empty shelves in the stores. Last week I was able to get all the food on my list except the rice cakes. So that was good. 

My cousin Edna Mae called to wish me a Happy Birthday.  She and Bill have both been sick again. They’ve sure had a lot of health problems in the past year. They need prayers.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything much to write about except the awful Virus thing and everyone already knows all about that. I’m wondering if people who get it once will get it again if exposed. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other. Bye bye for now.