Ava Place

Greetings from all of us at Ava Place Residential Care,

 As our world continues to battle the Corona Virus, we wanted to  say hello  and extend a HUGE love filled THANK YOU to our community and to tell you what we are doing. 

First let us tell you we are all healthy and doing quite well.  There have been so many changes (for staff and residents) in the last seven plus  weeks, but our administrator Debra Dade has been at the helm leading our hardworking  team to ensure all stay healthy, stay educated and informed as we  maintain the day to day living our residents know and love.

WOW! Our community has been beyond incredible to all of us.  We have gotten so, so many wonderful gifts, cards and letters.  Schools, churches, family members, business owners and caring citizens have reached out asking what we need, what can they help with.  Some of the things we have  received  are hand painted beautiful cards for each resident to hang on their door, puzzles, puzzle books, beverages, magazines, movies, beautiful flowers, books, coloring books and pencils, clipboards  and more,   We are very touched by your generosity, your concern and  all of the love.  Thank you again from the bottom of our heart.

Having no visitors and not being able to leave our facility have been incredibly challenging.  Visits from family and friends are always the best!  But there are several other ways to keep in touch with your loved one! You now can video chat with us – please contact us for more details.  To be able to see each other live has really brought many smiles, happy tears and laughter to them.   You can play tic tac toe on their window, sing or dance or just stand outside of their window and talk to them – this is a beautiful sight. Last week we had six grandkids outside their Papa’s window! We also encourage you to write your loved one a letter- even if you talk on the phone to them. Something about a letter from home…. no matter your age 

Usually we have a fun laughter filled dining room with a good Jeopardy game on the TV or some 50’s or 60’s tunes being heard. The residents really look forward to sitting with their friends and chatting with each other.  They have embraced the situation and gotten creative!  They do the wave, they come in bellowing greetings and have adjusted well.

We have been working diligently to keep our residents safe, physically fit, emotionally happy and balanced.  Every morning I do a one on one with each of them.  Some days they need help writing a letter or finishing a puzzle or one might need help navigating their new cell phone or want me to read scripture to them.  They also get the ‘Daily Perk’ with fun facts, trivia, interesting and odd stuff to read , a word search and the menu for the day.  Many of them have found a new love for coloring.   We have a large assortment of neat coloring books, crayons, markers and colored pencils .  We had a magazine scavenger hunt and an in room scavenger hunt!  Both were very successful and they thoroughly enjoyed by all. We are walking  laps one at a time and  trying to do in room exercise.

The afternoon goody cart has been a favorite – they all look forward to it. We go room to room with an assortment of beverages and snacks, fruit etc.  We have a wide selection of cranium crushers, brain teasers and other fun activities for them to choose from.

Lastly, we are all in this together….and this quarantine time has not been easy for anyone – anywhere. But we love what we do,  we love who we do it with and we love why we do it.  Until next week- Stay healthy and wash your hands!