Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

March 24 – My daughter Karen Davis died Sunday at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. My son Marlyn came to stay with me, and my granddaughter Kindra was here with me as news came that Karen’s time was near. Karen had been with Marlyn not too long ago when he was a patient at Barnes.

She was my oldest. We laughed this year to realize that our ages were reversed. I’m 97. She was 79. 

When Eldon and I married, we talked about how many children we wanted to have. He wanted two. I said, ‘Well, I want two too.” So we had his two and my two – four! After Karen came Marlyn and then Lyndon and Kris. 

Karen was born July 29, 1940, in our home on the old Lick Creek Road. When Karen was on the way, Dr. Prentice Bushong (a relative of Eldon) came with his wife Mary and spent the night with us so he could deliver the baby. Karen weighed 5 1/4 pounds.

She went to grade school at the Sand Ridge rural school when Nolan Morrison was the teacher there. He drove from Gainesville in his car, and on the way, he picked up Karen and Marlyn, and some of the other students, I think – maybe Helen and Joe Gaddy. Then she graduated from Gainesville High School in 1958.  

Karen made good grades. She liked to sew, and she made a lot of her own clothes. She had those skills, but she couldn’t sing. My other children could sing, but Karen could never carry a tune! 

After high school, she went to work for Dr. Hoerman in Gainesville. He called her his “Girl Friday,” and when she left Dr. Hoerman to get married, he told us he was sad to see her go. 

Karen and I were initiated into Eastern Star at the same time. She married Dave Davis while he was in the Air Force at Whiteman AFB. They had three children. After living other places, they came back here and moved onto the land Dave’s family had owned at Udall. Sometime ago, Karen went through what I’m going through now. She lost a child, her son Larry. 

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to give up a child, but it is God’s plan. I’m blessed with the children I still have. They are good to me. I wanted our family to be beneficial to the world and to make a good impression. I certainly tried. 

Editor’s note: Address condolences to Linnie Ingram and her family to 27703 US Highway 160, Tecumseh, MO 65760

Last week’s news:

March 10 – If I were to write the story of my life, where would I begin? Probably in Lilly Ridge, where I was born. My earliest personal memory is that trip my family took in our Model A touring car in the 1930s when Daddy hired Cecil Bushong to drive us to Ada, Oklahoma, to visit my mother’s sister. They had a dairy farm, and after all these years, I still remember how great it was to drink ice cold milk out of their refrigerator. We didn’t have electricity back here in the hills at that time. Our only way to keep things cool was to put them in our deep cellar; that’s where we kept our milk. What a change it was to drink the cold, cold milk during that visit to Oklahoma! I’ve never forgotten it. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make the benefit auction a success Saturday evening in Bakersfield. The auction was held to help my daughter, Karen Davis, whose husband, Dave, died recently just as Karen was recovering from a very serious illness herself. I attended the auction with my son Marlyn and his wife, Charlene, who came from Forsyth, along with their daughter Kindra, who lives here in Ozark County now. There was a good crowd, and a good amount of money was raised to help Karen with all the expenses that have accumulated after her illness and Dave’s passing. Thank you again!

I had thought Marlyn and Charlene might spend the night with me, but they headed on home to Forsyth, driving that curvy road, so they could be home Sunday morning and be at their church, where they are active. 

I wasn’t too ambitious about moving my clocks up Saturday evening. I did manage to reset my wrist watch but left it up to my granddaughter Kindra to change the clocks in my house.

Although the ground is still cold, we’re blessed to have had some good weather. The Easter lilies are blooming and my japonica hedge is beautiful along my driveway. The white bridal wreath bushes are coming on, and soon I’ll have both red and white colors lining my driveway. That’s something special to look forward to.